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    Step 1 Rubber is tapped and left to dry in cups (called cup lumps)
    Step 2 Rubber is Pressed in sheet form using a bale press
    Step 3 Rubber is smoked in “smoke houses”

    Step 4

    Master batch is prepared using Rubber, Caco3 and color (dependling upon the grade and color required)
    Step 5 Compounded master batch is pressed and stretched into sheets (Vulcanization)
    Step 6 Sheets are fed through the extrusion machine (diameter and thickness of bands are determined here)
    Step 7 The tubes are passed through water to cool the tube
    Step 8 Tube is baked in an oven to determine different properties of the band (such as increasing tensile strength and slasticity)
    Step 9 Tube is removed and cut according to the cut width required
    Step 10 Fully cut bands are than washed with silicone to add shine
    Step 11 Bands weighed and packaged using a digital scale
    Step 12 Bags are heat sealed and are packed into cartons and ready for loading
    Step 13 Goods are loaded into container
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